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Planning Applications and Handouts

All entitlements administered by the Planning Division require completed application forms and checklists. If you have questions on how to fill out applications or what materials are required, contact the Planning Division.

You may fill out most of these forms in Adobe Reader. For forms that require signatures, please print out the completed forms and sign them. You may fax, email scanned copies to us, or bring them in person to the counter.

Please fill out the General Application Form first.

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Application Fees

All fees are subject to a 9% administrative overhead fee. There are two types of fees for entitlements:

  • a flat fee, or
  • a deposit plus staff time and materials (Cost Recovery).


The Cost Recovery Fee System is for entitlements that are more complex and require public noticing. These applications require a deposit and a completed Cost Recovery Form. A cost recovery application means that the applicant will be billed for the full cost of processing the application based on staff time and materials over and above the amount of the deposit.


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