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Last updated date Mar. 19, 2013

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Project Type - Residential Subdivision

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Tentative Project Schedule for Davidon Residential Subdivision 
(Dates may change depending on receipt of work product from consultants and Planning Commission and City Council schedules)

February 14, 2013 to
April 1, 2013

  Draft EIR released: public comments will continue to be through April 15, 2013   
March 12. 2013   Planning Commission review and recommendation on Draft EIR
April 2013 - date to be determined   Council review of Draft EIR  
Fall 2013
  Completion of Final EIR with responses to comments.  
Fall/Winter 2013
  Final EIR reviewed at Planning Commission   
Fall/Winter 2013
  Final EIR considered at City Council  

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Project Status - In Review

( In Review | Approved, under appeal | Approved, not yet under construction | Approved, under construction )


Location - Windsor Drive and D Street

APNs 019-120-140 and 019-120-141


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Map of Davidon

Davidon is a proposal for a 93-unit single family residential development on a 60 acre site. The proposal includes private open space and a passive park. A trail from the project site running along Kelly Creek and leading Helen Putnam Regional Park is also proposed. The project requires approval of Rezone to PUD, Tentative Map by the City Council and Site Plan and Architectural Review by the Planning Commission.

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Davidon Homes

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Staff Contact


Alicia Giudice




agiudce @


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2/19/13 Draft Environmental Impact Report 31MB
2/19/13 DEIR Technical Appendices 28MB
4/24/2013 Draft Environmental Impact Report: Sonoma Highlands - Part 1 1.5MB
4/24/2013 Draft Environmental Impact Report: Sonoma Highlands - Part 2 1.6MB
4/24/2013 Draft Environmental Impact Report: Sonoma Highlands - Part 3 1.6MB

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