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Development Code Update

The intent of the Development Code Update process is to integrate Zoning regulations, Subdivision standards and guidelines. Landscaping standards, Public Improvement standards, and so on into a single, comprehensive set of new development regulations for Petaluma.

The Development Code update is current on hold until further notice.

Click here to view the Development Code Update meeting materials.

Past Events

January 2008 - The Development Code Advisory Committee met January 15, 2008. The Committee received progress reports from the Subcommittees.

November 20, 2007 - The 23 member Development Code Advisory Committee met twice in November to begin the Development Code update process.  Members assigned themselves to subcommittees with direction to meet during December and early January, and to prepare a report on their progress for the larger group's January meeting.  The subcommittee meeting dates and locations are yet to be determined.  Click here (doc’s uploaded to Post to Web folder) to view the document package for the meeting.

October 29, 2007 – The second joint session of the City Council, Planning Commission, SPARC, and Historic SPARC.

September 10, 2007 - The City Council will select the Development Code Advisory Committee during its regular 7:00 PM session in the City Council Chambers.

August 2007 - Notice was sent out to the community that letters of interest were being accepted for participation in the Development Code update as a member of the Development Code Advisory Committee.

July 2007 – City Council decided upon a shortened list of the first topics to be addressed by Staff and the Development Code Advisory Committee. Those topics include: Mandatory Green Building, Tree Preservation, and Hillside Development Guidelines.

June 2007 – A joint session of the City Council, Planning Commission, Site Plan and Architectural Review Committee (SPARC), and Historic and Cultural Preservation Committee (Historic SPARC) was held with the purpose of establishing a foundation for the direction of the Development Code update. It was determined that an “End User” committee would be established to work on specific elements of the Development Code that needed special attention.


Development Code Advisory Committee Members

Dave Alden John Fitzgerald Elizabeth Emery Mori
Chris Arras Dan Hughes David Rabbitt
Pamela Asselmeier Marianne Hurley Lawrence Reed
Teresa Barrett Margaret Kent Chip Rees
Karren Bell Newman Steven Kirk Tiffany Renée
George Beeler Chris Lynch Bill Rinehart
Harry Clifford Kathy Miller Brent Russell
Dennis Elias Anthony Mills  


Mandatory Green Building Subcommittee

Pamela Asselmeier Dan Hughes Chip Rees
George Beeler Margaret Kent Tiffany Renée
Dennis Elias Lawrence Reed  


Hillside Protection Subcommittee

Chris Arras Dan Hughes David Rabbitt
Dennis Elias Anthony Mills Tiffany Renée
John Fitzgerald Elizabeth Emery Mori Bill Rinehart


Tree Preservation Subcommittee

Teresa Barrett Lawrence Reed  
George Beeler Tiffany Renée  
Anthony Mills    


Development Standards Subcommittee

Dave Alden Harry Clifford Tiffany Renée
Chris Arras Dennis Elias Bill Rinehart
Teresa Barrett Chris Lynch Brent Russell


Decision-Making Roles and Responsibilities Subcommittee

Teresa Barrett Marianne Hurley Lawrence Reed
Harry Clifford Chris Lynch Tiffany Renée
John Fitzgerald Kathy Miller Bill Rinehart
Dan Hughes David Rabbitt

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