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The Community Development Department is currently processing the following Environmental Impact Reports related to various development projects in Petaluma. Members of the public and interested parties can obtain a free copy of the reports at the Community Development Counter or can view them at the public library.

Comments on the individual Environmental Impact Reports can be sent electronically by filling out the form below. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk *. Note: Comments received after the posted closing date will not be recorded.

The comment period for the East Washington Place Draft Environmental Impact Report is extended to September 14, 2009. Please notify the CDD offices if you would like to be placed on the notification list for future public hearings.

Table of Contents

4.7 Hazards & Hazardous Materials

1. Introduction

4.8 Hydrology & Water Quality

2. Report Summary

4.9 Land Use

3. Project Description

4.10 Noise

4. Environmental Evaluation

4.11 Population, Housing & Urban Decay

4.1 Aesthetics

4.12 Public Services

4.2 Agricultural Resources

4.13 Transportation

4.3 Air Quality

4.14 Utilities

4.4 Biological Resources

5. Alternatives to the Proposed Project

4.5 Cultural Resources

6. CEQA-Required Assessment Conclusions

4.6 Geology and Soils

7. Report Preparers

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F



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