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Project Type - Mixed Use

( Residential | Office |Commercial | Industrial | Mixed Use )


After preparing an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project, which was circulated for a 30-day public review period from June 6 through July 5, 2013, and subsequently extended through July 25, 2013 due to public request, the City has determined that an EIR should be prepared to address the potentially significant environmental impacts of this project based on a revised Initial Study and NOP. The DEIR was released and public comment ended on February 6, 2014. The FEIR and appendices have been prepaired to address all comments recieved on the DEIR. All project documents are available below.


Tentative Project Schedule for Riverfront Mixed Use Project


Sep 17, 2013 - Oct 29 2013

  NOP Released and revised Initial Study  
December 19, 2013   Draft EIR  
October 29, 2013 6:00 - 8:00 pm   Public Scoping Meeting  

January 14, 2014


Planning Commission Public Hearing

February 3, 2014   City Council Public Hearing  
June 24, 2014
  Final EIR, Tentative Subdivision Map, Zoning Map Amendment - Planning Commission  
Tentative July, 21 2014
  Final EIR, Tentative Subdivision Map, Zoning Map Amendment - City Council  


Required Approvals

TBD   City Council consideration of Final Map
    Planning Commission consideration of Site Plan and Architectural (SPAR) Review for individual project components

ALL DATES APPROXIMATE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. To be notified of public meetings, please sign up (link below) for the City ListServe to receive emailed agendas.

Project Status - In Review

( In Review | Approved, under appeal | Approved, not yet under construction | Approved, under construction )


Location - 500 Hopper St.

APNs 136-010-027


Click here to see the project on the City of Petaluma map.


Map of Davidon

Project Description: Riverfront is a mixed use project divided into four development areas with several open/space/community areas.  The site encompasses 35.71 gross acres.  The maximum full build-out of the project would include up to 273 residential units, up to 90,000 square feet of commercial space, a select hotel with up to 120 units, and approximately 4.0 acres of parks and a system of multiuse trails. 

Detached single-family residential uses would be developed on the southern portion of the site closest to the Petaluma River. Unit sizes would range from 1,200 to 2,300 square feet, with an estimated average unit size of 1,790 square feet. Approximately 10,000 square foot two story community boat house facility is proposed for small-craft access to the Petaluma River and would be operated by the Petaluma Small Craft Center Coalition (PSC3) in the southeastern corner of the site.  An active park and sports field would be located at the northeastern edge of the single-family residential development. A medium density townhome development consisting of up to 35 residential units and four live/work units would be located in the northwestern corner of the project site. A hotel and office complex consisting of a hotel with up to 120 rooms and a three-story office building (approximately 60,000 square feet) would be located in the northeastern corner of the site. These buildings would be separated from the single-family residential portion by the active park and sport field. In the central portion of the site a Central Green passive park would be encircled by three story, mixed-use buildings containing up to 30,000 square feet of commercial space with approximately 100 apartment units located above. The commercial component would be comprised of small tenant spaces ranging between 2,000 and 5,000 square feet. It is anticipated that approximately 10,000 would be comprised of restaurant uses, 16,500 for service commercial uses and 3,500 for retail uses.


Contact Information


Basin Street

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vin.smith @


Staff Contact


Olivia Ervin




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Date uploaded

Name, Description



FEIR Riverfront

06/10/14 FEIR Riverfront Appendices  
06/10/14 Riverfront Public Notice  
  Draft EIR Sections  
12/18/13 Cover & Title Page  
12/18/13 Table of Contents  
12/18/13 Introduction  
12/18/13 Summary of Impacts  
12/18/13 Project Description  
12/18/13 Environmental Evaluation Introduction  
12/18/13 Air Quality & GHG  
12/18/13 Biological Resources  
12/18/13 Geology & Soils  
12/18/13 Hazardous Materials  
12/18/13 Hydrology  
12/18/13 Noise  
12/18/13 Traffic  
12/18/13 CEQA Considerations  
12/18/13 References  
12/18/13 Figures 1-1 through 1-9  
12/18/13 Figures DEIR 4.2-1 through 5.1  
  Draft EIR Appendices  
12/18/13 Revised Initial Study  
12/18/13 EIR NOP & Comments  
12/18/13 Air & GHG Analyses 2013  
12/18/13 Bio & Wetland Assesments  
12/18/13 Geotechnical Reviews  
12/18/13 Environmental Site Assessments  
12/18/13 Noise & Vibration Assessment  
12/18/13 Traffic Nov 2013 Memo  
12/18/13 Traffic April 2013 Memo  
12/18/13 Traffic Report  
12/18/13 Emergency Access Reviews  
  Notice of Prep for EIR  
9/12/13 Riverfront Revised Initial Study  
9/16/13 NOP of an Environmental Impact Report  
10/21/13 Notice of Public Scoping Meeting
10/29 6-8pm
2/27/13 Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis (FEIA)

0.968 MB (superseded)

3/19/13 Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis (FEIA) 1.8 MB (revised)
3/19/13 FEIA Public Hearing on 5/6/2013 30 KB
5/28/13 Correction to Final FEIA - Impact Fee Estimates 193KB
6/6/13 Notice of Intent to Adopt MND 24KB
6/6/13 MND & Initial Study 1263KB
6/6/13 Figures 612KB
6/20/13 Tentative Map 42 MB
6/26/13 Technical Reports for MND / IS  
6/26/13 Air GHG Emissions Assessment 2012  
7/29/13 AQ GHG Attachment1 1  
6/26/13 Biological Assessment 2012  
6/26/13 Biological ASsessment Offsite Trail 2013  
6/26/13 EVA Assessment 2011  
6/26/13 EVA Assessment Update 2013  
6/26/13 Geotechnical Report 2006  
6/26/13 Geotechnical Report 2009  
6/26/13 Geotechnical Report 2011  
6/26/13 MND and Initial Study  
6/26/13 Noise Vibration Assessment 2013  
6/26/13 Phase 1 Envir. Site Assessment 2001  
6/26/13 Phase 1 Envir. Site Assessment 2012  
6/26/13 Phase 2 Soil Groundwater Assessment 2001  

Sewer Capacity Calculations 2012

6/26/13 Stormwater Treatment Plan 2011  
6/27/13 Miller Pacific Letter 01 17 13  
6/26/13 Traffic Study 2012  
07/2/13 Riverfront EVA Modification Traffic Analysis  
6/26/13 USACOE Verified Wetlands Delination  
6/26/13 Water Distribution Report  
6/26/13 Water Line Distribution Calculations 2012  
6/26/13 Wetland Delination Map 2011  
  Reference Documents  
7/8/13 Marin Sonoma Narrows HOV Draft EIR  
7/8/13 Sonoma County Urban Waste Mgt Plan 2010  
7/8/13 CalTrans Marin Sonoma Narrows HOV Final EIR Excerpts for Riverfront  
7/3/13 CalTrans Scenic Highways  
7/3/13 Dept. of Finance Demographic Research  
7/3/13 Climate Change Scoping Plan  
7/3/13 RWQCB - Impaired List  
7/3/13 RWQCB - Basin Plan Excerpts  
7/3/13 Noise Vibration Study  
7/2/13 Proposed Air Thresholds of Significance  
7/2/13 Air Quality Standards and Attainment Standards  
7/2/13 Air Quality Guidelines  
7/2/13 Storm Water Management Plan  
7/2/13 Groundwater Feasibility Study  
6/27/13 School Info - Old Adobe Enrollment  
6/27/13 School Info - Old Adobe Trends  
6/27/13 School Info - Petaluma Joint Union Enrollment  
6/27/13 School Info - Petaluma Joint Union Trends  
7/1/13 Revised Public Notice - Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration  

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