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To Sustain Excellence in the Organization and Provide Effective, Courteous, and Responsive Service Through Leadership, Communication, Support and Cooperation.



The City Manager’s Office provides general management, oversight, and direction to all the City’s departments and programs in the execution of City Council policy.

The Office also provides administrative support to the Mayor and Council, including developing agenda materials for meetings of the City Council and Petaluma Community Development Commission. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council on the basis of qualifications, provides policy advice to the City Council, and serves at the pleasure of the City Council. Under the Council/Manager form of government and pursuant to the City Charter, the City Manager is the administrative head of the City. As such, all City employees, with the exception of the City Attorney and City Clerk, ultimately report to the Manager.

The Manager is also responsible for organizing City departments for efficient and effective delivery of services, acts as the City’s Personnel, Budget, and Purchasing Officer, and provides the strategic planning necessary to accommodate anticipated future needs. As Budget Officer, the City Manager is responsible for recommending the annual and capital budgets to the City Council, and for keeping the Council informed as to the fiscal condition and operational needs of the City. The Manager’s Office is the liaison with other cities, the County and State government on matters of mutual importance and represents the Council in intergovernmental affairs.

The Office also responds to citizen inquiries; coordinates and issues film and banner permits; manages the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) program and Visitor Center services; and oversees the CATV franchise. In addition to providing ongoing direction to all City departments, the City Manager’s Office directly manages the Human Resources, Risk Management, Information Technology, Recreation Services Divisions, and Housing Divisions, as well as current and advanced planning functions.




Contact Information

City Manager,
John C. Brown
Assistant City Manager,
Scott Brodhun
11 English St.
Petaluma, CA 94952
Hours 8 am to 5 pm
Monday through Thursday. Closed Fridays.
Phone: (707) 778-4345
Fax: (707) 778-4419