Electronic Business License -

Renewals only are now online.

Before you begin

You must enroll in our system as an "eUser." The process is straightforward, but you must have a valid email address.

Once you enroll as an eUser, you can link your eUser ID to one business license.

Have either a copy of your Business License Renewal Notice (sample) or your Business License Receipt (sample). Note on the samples the information required for enrolling and linking a business is:

1. Business Name

2. Customer Number

Be sure to enter the data exactly as it is printed on your renewal notice or receipt.

Now you're ready - Visit this (link to license processing). When you click here, your computer will open a new window to renew and pay for your business license.

When you are complete

Print your receipt and post it in a conspicuous location in your business.

If you have any questions about our use of information, see our Electronic Privacy Policy.


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