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Petaluma Fire Department Celebrates 150 Years of Service

The Petaluma Fire Department passed an important milestone back in 2007 when it marked the 150th anniversary of the Fire Department's service to the Petaluma community.

One of the oldest organized Fire Departments in California, the Petaluma Fire Department was founded on the heels of a devastating fire that nearly leveled the young town.  From this event, the Fire Department has continued to proudly serve the Petaluma Community, providing assistance for any and all emergencies. 

150th Anniversary Patch

How long is 150 years?  Well, consider that the Petaluma Fire Department was founded when Franklin Pierce was the President of the United States, and so far has been witness to 30 other presidents.  When the decision was made to form an organized Fire Department in Petaluma, the Civil War had not even begun, and 9 major American wars have passed since. 

How can you be a Super Town - like Petaluma - without Super Heroes?


Contact Information

Leonard Thompson, Fire Chief

Jeff Schach,
Assistant Chief - Fire Administration, Operations & Disaster Preparedness, EMS Division

Jessica Power,
Fire Marshal – Fire Prevention & Technical Services Division

Dave Kahn,
Battalion Chief

Chad Costa,
Battalion Chief - Communications, Technology

Mike Medeiros,
Battalion Chief - Communications, Technology, Training

Kevin Weaver,
Interim Battalion Chief - Support Services Division, Safety & Wellness


Petaluma Fire Department Location:
198 ‘D’ St.
Petaluma, CA 94952
phone: 707.778.4390
alternative emergency phone:
fax: 707.931.0668
Fire Prevention Bureau Location:
22 Bassett Street
Fire Marshal
phone: 707.778.4389
fax: 707.206.6036
mailing address:
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA 94952