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Video and Cable TV Franchise

General Information

This section relates to the City's video / cable TV service. We do not have any information about satellite TV.

If you have comments or complaints about content, programming or other matters concerning Petaluma Community Access, please visit their web site.

In accordance with State of California law, the California Public Utilities Commission now handles video franchises. This law is referred to as Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act, or DIVCA.

NOTE - As of August 20, 2010, there are no more video franchises that are negotiated or controlled by the City of Petaluma. However, Petaluma is allowed to set customer service standards and require franchise payments. This is documented in Petaluma's municipal code Title 14, Chapter 14.48.

Fees - In this part of the municipal code, the City set a continued 5% for franchise payments, as has been the case for many years. The code also provides for a fee of 1.24% of subscriber VIDEO services for community television, This fee is also called PEG a fee. These will be reflected in invoices for cable TV - Comcast and ATT UVerse, on or before October 1, 2010.

State of California Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act (DIVCA) and Petaluma's municipal code provide for a 5% City of Petaluma franchise fee in addition to the 1.24% PEG fee. The franchise fee is for the utilities' right to use public right of way, the PEG fee supports local television. These fees may be line items on your bill and apply only to the video services portion of your bill.

Please also note that your Comcast invoice will be of a different layout and reflect differing amounts; please read the invoice carefully.


Services Available in Petaluma

The former City franchise holder, Comcast, started providing service under DIVCA August 20, 2010. Comcast started a new billing format in June, 2010. With this new format, you may have noticed the checkbox to support public television is no longer displayed. If you would like to show support or make a contribution for support of public television, visit PCA's web site. For more Comcast information.

AT & T - UVerse started providing video service in 2008. For more ATT information.


Comments, Questions and Complaints

If you have complaints about packages, package pricing, billing, content, programming or your signal, please contact your service provider. The City does not have regulatory control over those issues. If you have complaints about the provider's service, you may contact us. If you have questions or complaints about video service in Petaluma, you may:


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