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Recreation, Music, and Parks Commission

The Recreation, Music, and Parks Commission was established to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Manager, City Council, and Parks and Recreation Director on all matters pertaining to public recreation, including the management, conduct, and care of the parks and playgrounds in the City, cultural arts programs, musical entertainment and programs by the municipal band and other musical organizations. The Commission studies the needs of the City and the means of meeting such needs in connection with all such matters pertaining to public recreation, cultural arts, music and other entertainment.

Youth Commission

The Youth Commission consists of eight members, appointed by Council, serving two-year terms. Responsibilities of the Youth Commission include, but are not limited to:

  • Advocating for youth.
  • Improving the community assets available to youth.
  • Monitoring trends and issues concerning youth in order to advise the City Council and the public of opportunities to improve the community environment for youth. This may include an annual State of the Youth report.
  • Supporting the Petaluma Youth Network (PYN) in its role to facilitate cooperation between youth-serving agencies in order to maximize limited resources to achieve shared goals. Serving as the liaison to City Council for PYN.
  • Cooperating with and supporting the Petaluma Teen Council.
Tree Advisory Committee

The Tree Committee is charged with duties designated and delegated by the City Council on matters pertaining to the management of tree resources within the City. The Committee also serves as a forum for the coordination of tree-related policies, and advises the City on matters referred by City departments, and other Council-appointed hearing bodies. The Tree Advisory Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at 3:30 P.M., Council Chambers, City Hall, 11 English Street, Petaluma.


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General Information:

General Division Inquiries 707.778.4380
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Aquatics 707.778.4410
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Facility & Park Reservations 707.778.4380
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Recreation Supervisor:
Drew Halter

Recreation Coordinators:
Kara Vorhees (Preschool, Camps)

Sandra Kraus (Senior Center)

Jeremy Parker (Adult Sports, Field Scheduling)

Laurie Gebhart

Allison Cresci