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***Effective January 1, 2016 Special Event Permits must be paid for in advance prior to

receiving an approved Special Event Permit.***


Frequently Asked Questions

When is a Special Event Permit required?

13.32.040 PMC- Any person desiring to sponsor a parade, athletic event, or other special
event on a city street, sidewalk or other city owned land and improvements in the city shall first
obtain a special event permit from the Chief of Police.

When should I apply for a for a Special Event Permit?

Special Event permits must be submitted not less than thirty (30) days prior to the event
date. Special Event permits submitted less than thirty days (30) prior to event date may be
denied on that basis.

Is there any cost to obtain a special event permit?

The Police Department charges a permit processing fee for reviewing and issuing special
event permits. Costs are as follows (Effective 7/11/2016):


Special Event Permit-Minor

$63.00 Individual Applicant
$142.00 Commercial Applicant

A “minor” event generally includes applicants that are reviewed and approved solely by the
Police Department. These events include 30 or fewer participants and/or are unlikely to require
any additional police presence or have minimal impact on the community.


Special Event Permit-Major

$142.00 Residential
$521.00 Commercial

A “major” event generally includes applications that require review and action by the Police
Department and other City Departments (Fire Department, Public Works, Risk Management,
Parks and Rec., etc.). Major events may include large numbers of participants or attendees.
Major events may require the preparation of a Neighborhood Impact Notices and City Council Resolutions to authorize street closures for the event. Major events may require the use and
costs of police department and public works personnel to safely conduct the event.


Special Event Fire Department Review

$129.00 per hour

Permit is subject to Fire Department review.

Review for most permits is minimum one hour fee of $129.00.


Special Event Fire Department Inspections

$129.00 per hour

Larger events requiring additional inspections the hourly rate of $129.00.

Do I need a special Event Permit for a block party?



You must live on a dead end or cul-de-sac to block the street for a block party and you must have the permission of the neighbors affected by the street closure. The Chief of the Police makes a final determination on the approval or denial of special event permits. You cannot block a through street.

 Block Party Applications must include separate form with name, address, and signature of the residents of all dwellings along the street, which will be closed.
 The Permission Form must include Day. Date. Time of planned Block Party.
 The Permission Form should include a description of activities (e.g. barbecue, games,
music, etc.).

Who needs a Park or Facility Permit?

13.28.050PMC- A permit is required prior to sponsoring or conducting any activities in a park for exclusive use of any park area or facility designated by the park director, any organized activity in which 20 or more persons are expected to participate or attend, or which is publicized prior to the date of the activity; to which requires special city services; erection or placement of stages, booths, platforms, sculptures, art work, structures, sale or barter of goods, wares, merchandise, food or beverages and use of amplified music, and live music.

Who needs an Encroachment Permit?

Permit is required anytime someone encroaches on the public right away, either for construction work on sidewalks, driveway approaches, underground utilities, or for temporary placement of scaffolding, dumpsters, storage bins or debris boxes. Contact: City of Petaluma Public Works 778-4303.

When is a Sellers License required?

You must obtain a seller’s permit if you:
Do business in California. Intend to sell, lease tangible personal property that ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold retail (includes wholesalers, manufactures, and retailers).Will make sales for a temporary period, lasting no longer than 90 days at one or more locations (example firework booth, Christmas tree lots, garage sale) Contact: CA State Board of Equalization at 576- 2100 to obtain a sellers’ Permit. Sponsoring organization is responsible for complying with the Board of Equalization licensing requirements.

Who needs an ABC License?

 Those events that are open to the public, i.e. no private guest list restrict access to invited guest only.

 The host is providing all the alcohol.

 All drinks are complimentary, i.e. hosted bar.

 There is no admission cost for the event, i.e. no ticket price, donation or door charge.

 The event venue requires an ABC permit. Contact: ABC Board 576-2165

Is a Sonoma County Health Department Permit Required?



A permit is required to sell food and drink to the public. If event is for more than one day and if food served is to be cooked,a Sonoma County Health Department Food Permit is required. (Call 565-6532.)


Sponsoring organizations and vendors are responsible to comply with all County
Health Department Food Safety Regulations.

Is Insurance required?

Denial of a Special event Permit

- Incomplete information on an application or incompatible uses with location may result in a denial of a Special events permit.

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