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The purpose of the Floodplain Management Plan is to ensure that an open public process is followed in pursuing the reduction of flood losses, and that the selected activities are best for the community. This plan describes the nature and magnitude of flooding that the City has experienced in the past, floodplain management activities that have been implemented to date, additional alternative remedies, and a plan for future action to address the current flooding problems. It is not the purpose or the intent of this plan to commit the City to large public expenditures. The objective is to quantify the problem and propose solutions that can be undertaken at this time, and in the future, if and when funds become available.

The Floodplain Management Plan is intended to be a living document and will be subject to revisions to reflect changes in City policy and state and/or federal regulations. This document is available for download below, at the City of Petaluma Library and at the Community Development Department, 11 English St. Petaluma, CA.

The following document is in the pdf format, please download Acrobat Reader if you are unable to view the document. Adobe Acrobat Reader Download


2015 Floodplain Management Plan

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