Citizen Request System


Welcome to city of petaluma's app

engagePetaluma is available on the iTunes Store, Google Play -

Citizens, businesses, employees can enter requests for service, be notified of status from a computer, smart phone or tablet.  Staff can receive well-formed easily discernible requests and be more efficient taking action and serving the public.


We encourage everyone to download the app and register. See Privacy Policy relating to collecting of personal information.


For the iPhone or iPad on iTunes, search for "engagEPetaluma" or click –


For android-based devices, search for "engagEPetaluma" or click -


From your computer

or use the feedback forms on the web site.


Questions about how to submit a request or how to use our PublicStuff app engageEPetaluma click -


 Please report technical issues with the mobile app via email to:


If you think of a useful enhancement for this app, please contact the Webmaster.


Initially, the system will be used for a variety of public works-related requests. We continue to migrate the other feedback forms for other departments and City functions to Public Stuff in coming months. As we add functionality, you may need to exit/restart the app on your device to see the new capabilities.