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Much of our content contains graphic-rich material. We use videos and streaming. If you have trouble with speed, we recommend use of a broadband (e.g., DSL, wifi, cable modems) connection. Our web streaming for meetings requires broadband to view the full video.

Our video streaming solution for viewing meetings is from a company called Granicus. At present (Sept., 2011), this solution requires Microsoft Siverlight for video. Microsoft has no version for iPhones or iPads, only Windows and MacOS(Intel). We recently (October, 2011) converted archived meetings to additional formats - MP3 (Podcasts) and MP4(open standard). Also, future meetings will be encoded in H.264 format. Granicus streamed meetings will not run on dial-up internet connections, but you may be able to obtain audio-only. Visit Granicus' web site for more details or help.

We recommend you use Internet Explorer 7.x or later, or other later browsers. We used fairly recent versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera during testing. Other browsers may work fine, we haven't tested them all.

To view our Events Calendar or to subscribe to our updates, you must enable popups for this web site.

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To avoid over-sized windows, set your resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher.

Make sure you computer supports and is configured to run Javascript. Some of our pages utilize implementations of AJAX; most commonly using Adobe Spry.

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All of our site utilizes cascading style sheets, in accordance with W3C Consortium standards. This specific standard was released several years ago. Make sure your browser support CSS.

Some of our services utilize “cookies” - make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from our web servers. If you have concerns, please read our Privacy Policy.

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We publish many of our internally produced documents with Adobe Acrobat. You will need Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later to view much of what we produce.

Visit Adobe Software to obtain a copy of their reader.

Some of our animated visual content also takes advantage of Adobe Flash.

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Some of our feedback forms and all of our email links use a standard “mailto” link, which requires your computer to be set up with an email host. If you have trouble with our email links or feedback forms, make sure you check for proper setup of your email software. You may even have to ask your ISP for “POP” settings. If you're still having trouble, send email to the Webmaster


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City Hall
11 English Street (Map It)
Petaluma, CA 94952
Monday - Thursday
Closed Fridays
City of Petaluma Event Hotline: 781-1283

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