Wifi - Wireless Internet Access - in Petaluma


See Wifi Instructions and disclaimer on use of the City-maintained facilities.


The City of Petaluma operates a limited number of wireless hotspots, “CityGuest” in the Petaluma Community Center, 320 NMcDowell Blvd. It covers over 90% of the floor space in the building, including the lobby, the large assembly room and meeting rooms A/B/C/D, conference rooms 2 and 3, club room, the activity room and both the crafts rooms. CityGuest is also available at City Hall for members of the public attending meetings or obtaining City services.


The City's Senior Center, 211 Novak Drive, operates free wireless access to its customers.


The Petaluma branch of the Sonoma County Library offers free wireless internet access to persons with Sonoma County Library cards.


Wireless access is available via various commercial entities, such as The Petaluma Yacht Club, various Starbucks, Peete's Coffee, Deaf Dog Coffee, Burger Kings, McDonalds (this list is not by any means complete). Hotels with wireless service for their customers include: Petluma Marina Sheraton, Best Western, and Quality Inn.


For further info, consult Google Maps or Free Wifi Hotspots or JWire.

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