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The Patrol Division is responsible for providing law enforcement and crime prevention to the residents of the City of Petaluma. There are approximately 32 officers assigned to the Patrol Division to provide law enforcement and crime prevention coverage to the City of Petaluma. The Patrol Division is divided into two separate platoons, A Platoon and B Platoon, with each Platoon working a 4/11-3/11 work week; four eleven hours days followed by three eleven hour days. The "A" Platoon has Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. The "B" Platoon has Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. Because of the schedule worked by both platoons, there is a nine hour training day every six weeks.

The shift coverage consists of three shifts; dayshift, swing shift and a graveyard shift. Each shift is supervised by a sergeant with a Lieutenant in charge of each platoon. Patrol Officers work an assigned shift patrolling a specified beat area within the City of Petaluma boundaries, twenty four hours a day, 365-days a year. Officers provide a 24-hour daily work schedule to provide law enforcement services to the citizens of Petaluma.

These law enforcement services include, but are not limited to, serving criminal warrants, making arrests, issuing citations, taking reports, conducting criminal investigations and assisting other law enforcement agencies when needed.

Working with the Patrol Division are members of other specialized units within the Petaluma Police Department that include the Traffic Division and Serious Traffic Offender Program (S.T.O.P.), Investigations Unit, DARE Unit, Petaluma Dispatch Unit, Petaluma Records Unit, Evidence Technician Unit, K-9 Unit. Some of these units work a 4/10 work week; four ten hour day each week with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off.

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Petaluma Police Department and works at a high standard providing professional services to the City of Petaluma.


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