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What Happens To My Crime Tip Once I Filed It?

All Crime Tips are reviewed and handled in the most professional mannor.

“Crime Tips” is checked for messages and if a new complaint is received, it is
logged and assigned to an Officer. The Officer assigned a complaint then performs
a thorough investigation. Based upon the information received during this
investigation, the Officer will then determine a course of action for resolving the
complaint. Due to the fact that people sometimes make false complaints, the Officer
must first develop some information that corroborates the nature of the complaint. In
some cases, this may require a brief surveillance of the residence or contacting the
individual who lodged the complaint.

Numerous complaints are received each week and Officers commonly have several
complaints assigned to them at any one time. This requires each complaint to be
prioritized based on the nature of the complaint, combined with several other factors.
Additionally, many complaints are very difficult to investigate and may take weeks,
months, or even longer before results are seen. A great deal of patience and
communication is needed during this period.


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